Here are sites that provide general data on elections and candidates in Tennessee. We find them very helpful for basic information and to have a strong foundation for knowledge in the candidates/elected officials. 

Go Vote Tennessee

Voter Registration ,absentee ballot request, general information on Nashville elections.

The Objective View

Specific to TN, the Objective View offers detailed breakdown on every candidate on the Nashville ballot, including social media links, quotes on issues, and career background.

One of the broadest sites for finding information on all elections, Balletopia has information on all elected officials, district breakdowns, and a whole lot more.

Vote 411

Brought by the League of Women’s Voters, this website creates individual ballot previews and side by side comparisons of candidates. It is one of our favorites!

Just Facts

To take a specific deep dive on a topic that means the most to you, you can use Just Facts website to follow any US or State legistlator’s entire voting history on that subject.

Politifact gives a constant source of fact-checking for popular headlines in the media. Not often very local in scope, but often very helpful to quickly check up on a story you’ve seen in the socials!



Below are a few active Special Interest Groups in Nashville that have shared opinions, red flags, and endorsements for Candidates and current elected officers based on their respective specialty platforms. Don’t see an interest group that you’re looking for? Contact us and let us know what other local groups we can add!

Metropolitan Nashville Education Association

Advocates for the rights of teachers, for fair pay , for access to enough goods and support from the Public School system.

Volume and Light Nashville

“speaking out for better Nashville schools”

Women for TN Future

Advocates and sponsors females running for office on a state and local level, contributes to campaigns, grooms potential candidates.

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition

Advocates for local law enforcement protection of immigrants, resisting deportation, and police reform focused around racial injustice.

Nashville Firefighters Association

Local Union for Nashville Firefighters, primarily does fundraising to support Firefighters but occasionally gets involved with advocating for specific bills related to Firefighter pension, payroll, etc.

Tennessee Chapter Sierra Club

This is an Environmental Advocacy group that closely monitors elected officials voting record on environment-related issues, voting records can be found on file, as well as current potential legislative bills regarding the environment.

Tennessee Firearms Association

Supports and document current policies that protect  “no compromise” gun legislation.  Runs a PAC lobbying for gun rights on a local and state level.

Tennessee Safe Project

Proposes and supports legislation that narrows the scope of gun-ownership in Tennessee.  The site lists proposed and passed bills in the state relevant to gun laws.

A Disgruntled Republican in Nashville BLOG

Constantly updates policies and legislations unfolding, reported from a Conservative-leaning Op Ed. One of the most consistently updated sites for current Nashville events.

Founded by 6 Nashville teenagers who led a 10,000 person march for Black Lives Matter. Focuses on social justice and equality issues.

The People’s Budget Coalition

Compiled of several activist groups, this specific coalition focused on budget reform for the city budget, primarily regarding community issues and police reform.

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